About Nicola

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Nicola Serianni has practiced law since 2006. A graduate of Johns Hopkins University and Widener School of Law she has been immersed in legal matters from all sides - as a civil defense attorney, as a plaintiff’s attorney and also as a law clerk in the Superior Court of Pennsylvania. She has managed family law cases, criminal matters and product liability cases. She has represented insurance firms, multinational companies and municipalities in litigation and appellate matters. Nicola now represents injured railroad workers and consumers in class action cases.



Married and mother of two girls, Nicola is a biracial woman (Jamaican father, Scottish mother), and a first generation American. Her upbringing and life experiences have shaped her perspective and allows her to treat people and circumstances without prejudice. Raised with respect for diversity and equality she was inspired to establish a multicultural group in her high school, to tutor underprivileged children while in college, to study abroad in Africa, to volunteer as a tax preparer for low income individuals and to continually take on non-revenue pro bono cases.

Respect and Fairness:

Nicola believes that all parties who appear before the Philadelphia Courts should be treated exactly as she would want her own family and friends to be treated - fairly and respectfully.


Nicola Serianni is the right candidate for Judge. She will take her experience and her desire for fairness to the bench.